Dormagen and Kneblinghausen

Face mask of a cavalry helmet (Rheinisches Landesmuseum, Bonn)

One of the greatest advantages of the internet is the possibility to help people (or receive help). I am a member of the Roman Army Talk discussion forum, and was approached, some time ago, by a fellow-member who knew something about recent excavations at Dormagen, a limes fort along the Lower Rhine. I have now updated the page.

He also pointed out that I had to rewrite my page about Kneblinghausen, a Roman camp far east of the Rhine. I had written that the type of gate (a “clavicula”) suggested a date late in the first century; the fort might have been built during the campaigns of Domitian. However, my German friend pointed out that there was now evidence for this type of gate from the beginning of our era.

So many changes on the site today, some small, some great. Thanks Siggi!

One Response to Dormagen and Kneblinghausen

  1. duncanbcampbell says:

    Hello, Jona. In fact, the clavicula gateway can be seen in one of Caesar’s camps at Alesia — from the air, not on the ground. The last certain instance is in the Nahal Hever camps, thought to be Hadrianic. The North Camp at Burnswark has an elongated clavicula; some would date this camp to the Severan period, although nothing is certain here.

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