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To fill up the slight lull — Jona must be busy these days — and taking the title of this blog literally: a note is in order that I’m finally getting around to proofreading Appian’s Civil Wars, with two of the five Books now in theory made ‘perfect’ in the last coupla weeks. Dull as ditchwater (I’m not interested in warfare and even less in the interminable treacheries of the Roman civil wars), but it’s getting done; things eventually do, although it may take several years, as here. The good news, though, is that there were very few typos: about one every twenty printed pages; only two changed the sense, and of those, only one could not be rectified by the reader on their own (a number).

2 Responses to Appian

  1. As a journalist, I used to love – and be rescued by -people with your meticulous attention to detail. I find this ability enchanting but am doomed to be exasperating to them.

    Well done on all that proofreading 🙂

  2. Bill Thayer says:

    Thank you Kate; of course as we both know, you and I write things up perfectly, but on the Web especially, all those little ink signs, jots and tittles, come under the influence of the stray cosmic ray, and little by little become corrupted: just like bacteria in a Petri dish, typos just grow on their own. It is, at any rate, never-ending.

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