General Update

22 May 2010

Tomb of Amyntas, Fethiye (Telmessus)

Right now, Livius Onderwijs (the school in Holland that owns, owns some 36,000 photos, and although I’m dreaming of make it all available, I first must finish the conversion to a content management system. That will take some time, because the website is not the first priority. Nevertheless, I managed to make some additional stuff available. It’s not worth summing up everything, but you may like the bizarre landscape of Bin Tepe, the tombs and theater of Telmessus (modern Fethiye), and the museum pieces of Laurum (Woerden).

I also put online an article on Polybius that was published earlier in Ancient Warfare magazine. If you have time to read only one article, make sure it’s this one, because the man is really interesting.

Moving (16)

22 April 2010

The Lycian coast

If I say that Telmessus has moved to this URL, and if I add that Lycia is now here, and if I mention that a couple of photos of Lycian tombs can be seen here, you will understand that you have come across a new installment of the highly irregular and highly irrelevant series called Moving Livius.Org.

As always, I have used to occasion to improve the pages. The one on Telmessus is essentially new, and was necessary because I am preparing a trip to – well, guess where.

Still 46 pages to go…


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