Three Turkish Towns

24 July 2009
Helios. Part of the decoration of the theater at Myra

Helios. Part of the decoration of the theater at Myra

The southwestern coasts of Turkey, the ancient landscapes of Caria, Lycia, and Pamphylia, are beautiful, and there are several equally beautiful ancient towns over there. Most worthwhile is Xanthus, where many monuments have been preserved but where you will not see many tourists. Myra has a nice theater and many intrigueing rock tombs; the main attraction, however, are the ancient port with its granaries and the basilica of Saint Nicholas. Both cities are worth visiting.

This cannot be said of Side, which is crowded by visitors. This may be a sign that the ruins are beautiful, but if this is really the case, that escaped my notice because I was usually too occupied with trying not to walk against other people. Still, we managed to make photos, which are now online; you don’t have to go there.

Also available: a small fact sheet on the Roman empress Plotina, wife of Trajan.


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