Queen Hatshepsut

30 August 2015

featured_promoI must confess that I have considered calling this piece “lifting the veil”, but that’s too much of a cliché. Still, the banner above does indeed offer a glimpse of the first issue of Ancient History Magazine. It’s a detail of Miłek Jakubiec’s cover design. I have also considered asking you whether you could guess what it represents, but that would be a cliché as well. And that would be wrong. Not just for stylistic reasons, but also because Ancient History Magazine will try to avoid the standard and the safe, and wants to offer fresh perspectives instead.

So, without lifting the veil or making you wonder: it’s (or will be, in its finished version) Queen Hatshepsut, who is talking to the leaders of the expedition to the Land of Punt. This happened in c.1471 BC and is the oldest voyage of discovery mentioned in our debut issue. Jakubiec’ drawing is based on a relief in Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple.

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