Moving Livius.Org (5)

9 August 2008


As I already announced, I am moving several pages of my website. Many pages from France this time: Nîmes (ancient Nemausus) with its splendid Maison Carrée and the Pont du Gard, Orange (ancient Arausio), St.Rémy-de-Provence (ancient Glanum; picture), and Vaison-la-Romaine (ancient Vasio).

From Germany: Waldgirmes, a very interesting Roman city on the east bank of the Rhine. From Greece: Halos in Thessaly, where I learned a thing or two about Mediterranean archaeology. From Iran: the so-called Wall of Alexander and the Elburz Mountains with the Caspian Gate. From Italy: the cave of Sperlonga. From Libya: the Arch of Marcus Aurelius in Oea, modern Tripoli. And from Turkey: two small pages on Antandrus and Abydus.

Still 243 pages to go…


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