2300 Ancient Sites on Google Earth

1 November 2011

Kampyr Tepe (Uzbekistan)

On several occasions I have blogged on the possibilities of Google Earth and its online spin-off, Google Maps. My last blog on this topic was a bit over half a year ago, when I had some 1700 items available. In the meantime, I have added more than 550 ancient sites to my list, from all quarters of the ancient world. The grand total now is 2375.

The online version is here and the masterfile can be downloaded here. If you use the latter, do not forget the directory NEW/OFF-TOPIC, which contains many others, still unqualified markers.

1700 Ancient Sites on Google Earth

10 April 2011

Hakemi Use (Turkey)

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1600 Ancient Sites on Google Earth

14 October 2010

The center of Alexandria

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1600 ancient sites on Google Earth

27 April 2010


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1350 Ancient Sites on Google Earth

16 August 2009
The Roman fort at Hardknott

The Roman fort at Hardknott

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Google Earth: Better Photos of Iran

20 July 2009
Takht-e Soleyman

Takht-e Soleyman

Google has obtained better photos of Iran, and as a consequence, I could improve my page with links to satellite photos of ancient sites in Iran. Some errors have been corrected, and on many places you can now see the actual ruins, something that was often impossible. For example, you can now discern the Apadana and Great Gate of Susa, and I was able to spot my favorite picknick site (Gandj Nameh). All this is, to use the phrase you have already heard a million times today, “a giant leap forward”. I was impressed by the Zoroastrian shrine at Takht-e Suleyman. and the ziggurat of Choga Zanbil, both of which have become visible only now.

Sometimes, you can see that the people at Google are still working on it. This photo of the Persian Gate shows an imperfect match on precisely the place where the Macedonians were trapped by Ariobarzanes.

If you are interested in downloading my masterfile (which runs on Google Earth, not Google Maps), you can download it from Jim West’s blog, here. Why Jim rebaptized it “biblical”, I don’t know; in any case, the masterfile has markers from Pakistan to Scotland and from Morocco to Ukraine.

1000 Ancient Sites on Google Maps

1 May 2009
Bu Njem

Bu Njem

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