The gods must be crazy

11 December 2008

Webmasters have several tools, like Google Analytics, to see what search strings people use to find a particular website. Today, someone reached my website, even though (s)he was looking for divine help. I do not know what it means that the protective deities of the world wide web sent the suppliant to -of all people- me.


Cicero, On Divination

15 February 2008
Cicero  (Musei Capitolini, Rome)

Cicero (Musei Capitolini, Rome)

Bill Thayer is no fan of the Roman author Cicero, but has put online an English translation (Loeb) of the two books On Divination. Bill’s very own synopsis: “He doesn’t believe in it”. The webmaster of LacusCurtius adds that the text “appeals more to our sense of reasonableness than to reason: its refutation of the various superstitions involved makes for pleasant reading, but humor and loose captiousness are hardly proofs, and the main interest of the work is in the details he winds up furnishing about the odd practices he makes fun of.”

To which I have only to add that the text was, until today, not available online, and that the Latin text can be found here.