30 November 2008
The young shepherd and his lamb

The young shepherd and his lamb

In the third quarter of the fifth century, the sanctuary of Saint Simeon Stylites was rapidly expanding: there were at least three basilicas, a mausoleum, a baptistery, and a monastery. Pilgrims were arriving from all parts of the Near East. To make travel easier, it seems, road stations were built, and of course there had to be churches for the pious travellers. One of these stations was at Mushabbak, halfway between modern Aleppo and the Saint Simeon complex.

We arrived there late in the afternoon; the sun was setting, and we were distracted by the young shepherd who arrived with his flock, carrying a lamb that was born only minutes before our arrival. It was easy to be distracted, but we did make some photos, now online.

While I was occupied with Cyrrhus and this little church, Bill Thayer put online Book 20 of Diodorus of Sicily‘s Library of World History, which deals with the years before the Battle of Ipsus. He is still proofreading, but the text can be consulted.