Along the Incense Route (illustration Shin Fei)

Along the Incense Route (illustration Shen Fei)

The clock of the medieval church of Zutphen has just struck ten and I am sit here on the patio of my hotel, with a glass of local beer and a laptop. It may seem a bit strange that I am still working at this time of day – and let’s face it: it is strange – but it is a fine way to close what has been an excellent day.

Over the past weeks and months, we have done a lot to create Ancient History Magazine. Not just a particular issue, but the magazine itself, which must have a face of its own. We had to make decisions about the themes we wanted to devote attention to, we had to attract subscribers, we had to think about the lay-out, we had to make our trial issue, we had to attract new illustrators. People like Shen Fei and Ken Broeders, whose work I trust you’re going to like. And, of course, they had to find out what it is to work with us. The illustration on the right, by the way, is by Fei.

[Read more on the blog of Ancient History Magazine.]


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