Making progress

Caracalla (Altes Museum, Berlin)

Caracalla (Altes Museum, Berlin)

Already before the end of the Kickstarter campaign, we were working on the first issue of Ancient History Magazine. The theme for this issue is “ancient explorers”, and it starting to take real shape. Milek Jakubiec has created sketches for the cover, several other illustrations are even completely ready, and Josho and I are about to start polishing the articles themselves.

So, in September, you can read about Queen Hatshepsut’s expedition to the land of Punt, about Hanno’s voyage on the Atlantic Ocean, and about the world map of Herodotus. (The man from Halicarnassus is admittedly not an explorer, but his map surely deserves to be covered in this issue.) You can sail to Thule with Pytheas and to India with Eudoxus. You can smell the perfumes of Arabia along the Incense Route. And you can join a Roman expedition to the upper reaches of the Nile. It’s all there.

[Read more on the website of Ancient History Magazine.]


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