Ancient History Magazine

ahm_coverSome time ago, I blogged about the new project of Karwansaray, the publisher of a/o Ancient Warfare: a new magazine about Antiquity with the admittedly predictable name Ancient History Magazine. I wrote that once the trial issue was ready, we would try to raise money with a Kickstarter campaign.

Well, you can download the trial issue here and you can find the Kickstarter there.

That’s all I really wanted to say. But, you may ask, why should you be interested in another new magazine? And why should you contribute to it?

Why Antiquity?

Antiquity is humankind’s age of experiment, in which we learned how to read and write, how to build cities and rule empires, how to write literature and create art. Our own intellectual adventure started: we are still impressed by the stories about Gilgamesh, Isis, and Heracles; the great monotheist religions still inspire people; we find Egyptian physicians, Babylonian scientists, Greek philosophers, and Roman jurists still interesting.

Why a new magazine?

Ancient History Magazine will not limit itself to the ancient Near East or classical Greece and Rome, but will deal with all of Antiquity. Nor will it focus on just literature, just religion, just the events, or just the material culture. We don’t have enough information about Antiquity, so we cannot afford to make selections and must combine philology, religious studies, history, and archaeology.

We will commision original artwork. It’s the only way to show what the ancient world looked like. Ancient History Magazine will certainly not contain Renaissance paintings or classicist etchings. The engravings by Gustave Doré and the paintings by Lawrence Alma-Tadema may be attractive, but as source of information they are obsolete.

You can read more about our plans here, here, and especially here.

Why crowdfunding?

We are quite optimistic about Ancient History Magazine, but of course it needs a solid foundation. The Kickstarter is, therefore, not only meant to raise a quite modest amount of money (€12.500) but will also offer an indication about how many people will actually subscribe. So, if you are interested, go here, pledge some money, and support Ancient History Magazine. THANKS.


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