New Ancient History Magazine


One of the covers of Ancient Warfare. Perhaps the new magazine will look like this.

Karwansaray, the publisher of a/o Ancient Warfare, has plans for a new magazine on Antiquity. You may wonder: don’t we have many magazines about Antiquity? The surprising answer is that they are quite rare. Archaeologists have journals about their perspective on the ancient world. There are magazines about the classics. There are magazines about the ancient Near East. There are magazines about Greece and Rome. But magazines about the ancient world are pretty rare.

So the general idea is to make something that connects all ancient regions and all kinds of scholars. Like Ancient Warfare, it will be lavishly illustrated, journalistic, bimonthly, and devoted to a theme. “Thrace” and “creation stories” come to mind, but of course everything else is possible. Unlike Ancient Warfare, it may be 60 pages or a bit more. The editors will be Josho Brouwers and Jona Lendering, and we’re not completely sure whether it should be called “Ancient History Magazine“.

We have plans, a financial framework, and a publisher, and we know many authors. These weeks we have to decide about the recurring features and the tone of voice. In February, we will publish a PDF that will give you an idea of what to expect. It will contain stories about a building in Rome, a Mycenaean tomb, and a recently discovered papyrus. After this, we will do a Kickstarter to raise the money for two trial issues, to be published this Autumn. If all goes well, we will really start in 2016.

Of course we have no shortage of ideas, and we have been thinking about our limitations. However, it is always prudent to think about what you don’t know. If you want to contribute, click here and fill in our digital survery, which takes less than ten minutes. You can also mail us here with other ideas. Thanks!


3 Responses to New Ancient History Magazine

  1. As for a title, how about: Ancient World Magazine

  2. The problem is “ancient”: outside the sphere of people directly involved, who know what to expect, that word tends to repell people. And I want to show the world that the study of the age in which it all started, is far more interesting than they’d think.

  3. Hmmm… Well that presents an interesting challenge: a magazine about the ancient world without the word ‘ancient’ in the title …
    The word “classical” is probably not going to work either, and BC Times would likely be confused with a magazine about dinosaurs.

    This one may take some work to hit just the right note.

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