Major Archaeological Discovery!


My Dutch blog has more readers than my English one. Perhaps it has, in Holland, even some influence. After I had written how Israeli archaeologists are angling for funds by presenting every find as confirming this Biblical story or contradicting that one, I was invited even by a Christian broadcasting organization to explain how this was damaging the study of ancient society.

Today, I received an interesting e-mail from an Israeli archaeologist who liked my point of view but wanted to show me that occasionally, archaeology does indeed confirm the story of the Bible. So, I now have a real scope: the discovery of the stone shown above.

Discovered in Cafarnaum, it looks like a normal stone, but it isn’t. It has been identified as the very object that is mentioned in the gospels of Matthew (8.20) and Luke (9.58): the place which the Son of Man did not have to lay his head.


2 Responses to Major Archaeological Discovery!

  1. Bruce says:

    Reblogged this on Church, State, Faith and Culture and commented:
    One of my interests is archaeology and the Dutch archaeologist whose blog this is an interesting one as well as good historian. I find his comments here very interesting. Personally, I do not believe the Bible needs scaffolding, but it is nice when a find confirms something in Scripture. Whether or not this stone does is debatable.

  2. Great joke !

    Funny enough to argue that what is not seen could not have been; seriously funnier to argue that what could not have been, is found ! [ bookmarked for frequent use ]

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