Shameless self-advertising


Some time ago, my friend and colleague Arjen Bosman and I could proudly announce that Edge of Empire, our book about the Romans in the Low Countries, had been translated into English. However, it took some time until it reached the bookshops, but now the award-winning book ought to be available easily. You can also order it on Amazon or buy it directly at the website of the publisher. If you live in Holland, this webpage is the place to go.

Why you should buy this book? To read it, in the first place. Without false modesty: this is a nice book about a subject that deserves more attention than it usually gets. An English review of the original Dutch version is here.


4 Responses to Shameless self-advertising

  1. followinghadrian says:

    That’s very handy as I am about to explore the Limes in Germania Inferior. Buying the book as I speak!

  2. stevensaylor says:

    Congratulations, Jona, on the English-language edition! I will spread the word at my facebook pages. Thanks again for all the great scholarship and information at your site and at this blog.

  3. Stan Bamberg says:

    I lived in the Netherlands for 3 years during the mid-80s. I was fascinated by the people, culture and history. I cannot wait to read more about the contact with the Romans.

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