The Abduction of Europa

The abduction of Europa (National Museum, Beyrut)

I am currently in Tyre, in the deep south of Lebanon. From my hotel room, I can see the sea and hear the surf, and if I turn my head a bit to the right, I can see the remains of the former ‘Egyptian port’ and the place where Alexander’s battering ram, built on three ships, managed to breach Tyre’s sea wall.

If I look to the left, I can see the beach from where the supreme god Zeus, in the shape of a bull, abducted the Phoenician princess Europe. There’s nothing special to be seen, but for one reason or another, I like the contrast between the ancient tale and the fact that the hills beyond the mythological beach are, in our own, modern world, controlled by Hezbollah.


4 Responses to The Abduction of Europa

  1. rpearse says:

    An idyllic portrait – thank you.

    Let us hope, however, that we shall not read of the abduction of Jona!

    Have a whale of a time…. 🙂

  2. Tyre was beautiful, and – for me – the best part of Lebanon, although Baalbek and Faqra were also very nice. I loved Beirut. In general, although I am not blind to the political divisions, the country turned out to be much, much nicer than I had expected.

  3. rpearse says:

    I’d love to see it, really I would.

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