Where is our Easter hoax?!

Christians are preparing themselves to celebrate Easter, so it’s not a wild guess that Biblical scholars are by now preparing their annual archaeological fundraising hoax. But something seems to be wrong. The big question is: why haven’t we seen anything yet?

I mean, I like those old customs. Just like Christmas would be incomplete without an astronomer who, unaware of the rules of textual exegesis, repeats some mumbo-jumbo about the Star of Bethlehem being a comet/nova/conjunction, Easter is incomplete without some piece of ridiculous archaeology.

Last year, we had Colin Humphreys, but this year… I’ve only seen a lame attempt to focus on an old manuscript that is supposed to exist and, hey, there was Simcha Jacobovici again. But let’s be honest: our scholars can do better.

They must, in fact, because we’re entitled to the annual spectacle of archaeologists making themselves look ridiculous. If the BBC can present Stephen Dando-Collins as a serious scholar, they must this year again be able to sell out to a decent quack historian. Easter traditions are to be taken seriously.


OK, there it is, this year’s scholarly self-harm: Jesus may have been a hermaphrodite. Why on earth does a scholar allow herself to be summarized like that? Why does someone respond without checking the original article? Damage done. Thanks.


One Response to Where is our Easter hoax?!

  1. Bill Thayer says:

    Well, I never. Dear Jona gets so much business out of these hoaxes, that now he’s positively egging them on. I’m glad someone out there likes a good fight.

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