LacusCurtius back up

Lacus (and Jim Grout’s Encyclopedia Romana, and James Eason’s Sir Thomas Browne site) is back up now. My thoughts on this continuing battle are posted at Roger Pearse’s blog, since he seems to have taken it to heart even more than I did; I can’t say he’s wrong.

One Response to LacusCurtius back up

  1. hirundine608 says:

    As a follower of Lacus Curtius, I was intrigued by the responses triggered by that site going down. Like others I’m scratching my head as to why people do these things? I’m not sure I have any idea why people deface buildings, new and old; either? Regarding the internet and it’s use. I’ve often considered that perhaps people who sell virus protection are happy to see these attacks, because they make money from “protection rackets”. Similarly, we used to be able to take a plane ride without all that scanning hoopla. All that expensive machinery that we had no use for? Hmmmm, now how do we sell the tax-payer on that? “Good people do not need laws telling them what to do and the bad will just find ways around them”. Has never before, been so aptly applied.

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