Zahi Hawass to Jail

Some historians deserve a box on the ear

Some scholars deserve a box on the ear

Never a dull moment with Zahi Hawass. He left his job, he returned, he launched his own clothing line. And even now that he is sentenced to one year in jail, there’s an unexpected twist: it’s “for refusing to fulfill a court ruling over a land dispute”.

I would have preferred to see a different verdict: neglect of his main duties.We all know him from English-spoken TV-series and English books; he was always occupied with foreigners. If only he had devoted his limitless energy to his real responsibilities and had explained the importance of antiquities to the Egyptian people, he might have achieved really something and might have become a truly great scholar. The excavations would not have been looted this February. A trial in which he were accused of “failure to educate the nation” would have been far more interesting than the present one.

2 Responses to Zahi Hawass to Jail

  1. Bill Thayer says:

    This is not only the clownish figure we all know, but also the guy who took umbrage at Jews dancing in jubilation — in private — over the reopening of their ancient synagogue. Serves him right.

  2. JNj. says:

    And into the hands of this man we should entrust the Nofrete? No way. The Queen stays save in Berlin. 😉

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