History Teachers on YouTube

If you want to explain scholarship to a larger audience, everything comes down to enthusiasm. Even when you have solved one of the greatest mysteries of science or scholarship, or when you are one of the greatest philosophers of our age, if you are not enthusiastic about your subject, you are like sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal.

Now enthusiasm is what the History Teachers, who have improved several well-known songs beyond repair to explain some basic facts about history, have in plenty. You can find their Facebook page here, but what you want to see is their page at Youtube. As they say themselves, they

make history-based music parodies because we are passionate about history, art, music, technology, humor, and yes, costumes!

It’s hard to disagree – their little movies are both funny and instructive. Even better: once a text has been set to music, it becomes unforgettable. Just like you cannot forget the first Latin declension after you’ve heard Jacques Brel’s Rosa, after you’ve heard these deliciously corny songs, you won’t forget how to mummify someone, will forever know the outline of the Trojan War, can’t get Greek philosophy out of your head, remember who Alexander was, know everything you wanted to know about gladiators, and understand the meaning of the Edict of Milan. Enjoy!

(Thanks to RomanArmyTalk.)

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