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The stele of Marcus Valerius Severus in Volubilis. Photo Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum

I have been abroad for some time and it was difficult to add things to the Livius website, but there are some additions that you may or may not find interesting. Bouke Slofstra wrote about the ‘Libyan’ Inscriptions in Numidia and Mauretania: an interesting subject I did not know about. Bouke also wrote a piece on the stele of Marcus Valerius Severus in Volubilis (in what is now Morocco).

I also made available a double review of the recent book on Alexander the Great by Heckel and Tritle. In the first part, I judge it as a historian, and conclude that it is “a state-of-the-art series of articles”; in the second half, I look at the book from a more general point of view, and I conclude that the art itself is seriously in decline. The book is better than average, but for a discipline that is no longer what it should be.

Other stuff: some photos from Israel, illustrating 1 Maccabees 9, the career of Pilate (the stadium of Caesarea and the famous inscription), king Agrippa II, the legions IIII Scythica and VI Ferrata, and – from Iran – the river Araxes.

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  2. vamd says:

    The tour of ideologies and their standards of evidence in the book review reminds me of a question I keep seeing in various incarnations:

    is source selection entirely up to the reader now?

    Perhaps I am not old enough to have been contended with other arrangements…

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