An Interesting Experiment

The High Alps

Not content with dressing like Roman legionaries, giving shows, and explaining things to the visitors – one of the most efficient ways to bring the results of scholarship to a great number of people – a group of Austrian and German reenactors has started to reconstruct a Roman road in the High Alps, on the original foundations, with original tools and methods. Of course it is nothing but a splendid piece of antiquarianism. The real questions we have, are different, and will not be answered by this experiment. But splendid it is.

Photos here. Watch them, if only for the beautiful landscape of the Mallnitzer Tauernpass.

One Response to An Interesting Experiment

  1. caiustarquitius says:

    A slight correction: Only students from the University of Augsburg / Bavaria were involved in the experiment, they were led by me for the construction, and by Professor Lippert from the University of Vienna, for the archaeological information. We did gather a few quite interesting informations about the speed of Roman road construction, and a few others, which will be published next spring. 🙂 End of August we will run a reconstructed Roman cart on the road. We are still wondering how we will get the cart up onto the road, though… ^^

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