The backlog

In one of the comics of Gaston, his increasingly frustrated boss Léon Prunelle starts to investigate why the office junior never manages to finish his jobs, and at some point explodes with the question “so answering this pile of letters has already been urgent for quite some time?!!” I do not remember the exact joke, except the date of the pile of letters: May 10, 1940.

The backlog of is not as long as that, but nevertheless, over the past five years, I have accumulated a lot of notes: see the photo to the right, to which some forty e-mails must be added. I will make a lot of minor updates in the next weeks, without idea how much time it will take. Suggestions are always welcome.

2 Responses to The backlog

  1. zoi1 says:

    een paar dagen Slangenburg zou kunnen helpen….
    ongestoord werken, alle maaltijden inbegrepen op vaste tijden, niet duur…..

  2. justinfromnewyork says:

    A page on Dolabella would be nice, if you get the time.

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