Moving (16)

The Lycian coast

If I say that Telmessus has moved to this URL, and if I add that Lycia is now here, and if I mention that a couple of photos of Lycian tombs can be seen here, you will understand that you have come across a new installment of the highly irregular and highly irrelevant series called Moving Livius.Org.

As always, I have used to occasion to improve the pages. The one on Telmessus is essentially new, and was necessary because I am preparing a trip to – well, guess where.

Still 46 pages to go…

One Response to Moving (16)

  1. Bill Thayer says:

    To quote you from “Moving Livius.Org (9)”, Dec. 6, 2008: “So I think Bill was right when he said that I would be busy until May 22, 2010.” You’re running slightly behind schedule…. Comunque, buon viaggio!

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