LacusCurtius offline briefly

A note to let those of you who use my site frequently know that it’s offline, probably for no more than about four or five days. A computer is being moved, whence a new IP number and the world’s Domain Name Tables have to find it again. (I can’t be reached by e-mail, either.)

Back up 1200 GMT Mar 19; everything back to normal, exactly as before. Turned out to be only two days, nice! (The physical computer had to be moved from one office at the University of Chicago to another.)


3 Responses to LacusCurtius offline briefly

  1. Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! Noooooo!!!! How will I get my classics fix?!?!?

    Hopefully the move will be a smooth one and you’ll be back in action swiftly!

  2. Bill Thayer says:

    And back up now. That was relatively painless.

  3. Great news! And my that was fast. Though I certainly missed your site, as did indeed need to reference something you had. Which just goes to show what a valuable resource it is!

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