New opportunities

Caricature of Thayer pilfering from older writers

Caricature of Thayer pilfering from older writers

With the turning of the new year, and ourselves sliding closer to the grave, a few already dead writers become slightly deader than they were before; and those that matter on this January 1 are those who published in Europe and died just over 70 years ago: their publications fall into the public domain. Thus, two “new” items on LacusCurtius today — from 1909 and 1912 — by Stuart Jones, who died in 1939: I’d transcribed them a year or two ago and have been holding them for release today, complete with a timed e-mail to myself to remind me. Aficionados of military history will chortle with glee as they watch him go after the clay feet of T. Rice Holmes: a review of Holmes’ Ancient Britain (EHR 24:114‑116) and a review of Holmes’ Conquest of Gaul (EHR 27:127‑130).

Holmes himself entered the public domain a couple of years ago; I’m not too interested in military stuff, but his works really do belong online — let’s see if I get around to them this year.

2 Responses to New opportunities

  1. histrom says:

    Both books of Holmes are in preparation at the Distributed Proofreaders for eventual publication at Compared to the past, the quality of books prepared in this way has been quite good in the last years, so you might wait a bit before keying them in.

  2. Bill Thayer says:

    Thanks: that’s a relief. Yes, their quality has much improved over there; my only beef with the few recent things I’ve seen of theirs is huge pages with an entire book, and not much in the way of local anchors — but that’s not enough to make me rush to do it myself, considering that the subject would make it more of a chore than a pleasure for me. As you suggest then, I’ll wait.

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