Writing can be fun

Some time ago, I invited you to mention subjects you’d like to see on the Livius website. I think that we can divide my plans for the future in several categories.

  • Requests: Alexandria, Alexandrine Judaism, Apollodorus of Damascus, Carneades of Athens, Comenius, Crocotta, Cyrus Cylinder, Ishtar, Tolsum. Of course there is already a page on the Cyrus Cylinder, but it is indeed extremely useful to indicate the exact quotes from Assyrian sources.
  • Preparations: I will be going to Jordan this Autumn, so it is useful for myself to write about Ammon, Edom, the Nabataeans, the Tobiads, Arabia Petraea. Moab is already done (here).
  • More preparations: Turkey is on my travel list for next Spring, so Lycia, Gordion, Zeugma, Nemrud Dagi are obvious. There are already pages on these places, but they need to be updated, and moved to new URLs.
  • Moving: Other places that need to move are  Naqsh-e Rajab, Naqsh-e Rustam, Taq-e Bostan, Bishapur, Pasargadae, and Persepolis – probably in this sequence.
  • Finishing things up: There’s still something to do about Woerden and Zwammerdam, Lepcis Magna and Sabratha, and finally Cyrene.

Knowing how I work, I will almost certainly do other things in the meantime. After all, moving pages on Troy led to pages on the Trojan War and the Epic Cycle.


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