Tepe Hesar

Finding a skull

Alas poor Yorick

Sometimes, when you visit an archaeological site, you can see the sherds, loom weights, and simple architectonic remains. Occasionaly, there’s a coin. In Tepe Hesar, we found a skull. After that, the site itself was less important, because this skull was so well preserved that we believed that we should not report this to the archaeological authorities, but to the police.

The site itself is the cornerstone of northern Iranian archaeology, because the chronology of the first half of the Bronze Age was established here for the first time. It was abandoned in c.1900 BCE, and reoccupied in the concluding stages of the Bronze Age; surface finds prove that there were people living over here in the Iron Age – I bought a ring from Tepe Hesar once, in London. These younger settlements have not been investigated. A well-preserved Sasanian serail, however, is too big to ignore and is the youngest monument. When the Arabs came, the site was abandoned for good.


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