Buthrotum (Butrint, Albania)

Lake Palodes

Lake Palodes

The city of Buthrotum was founded in the mid-seventh century as a port of trade where Greeks could exchange goods with the native Chaonians. We know little about it: the town is not mentioned often in our sources. Fortunately, the site, which is situated on the western shore of Lake Palodes, has been excavated, and a theater, city walls and gates, temples to Athena and Asclepius, a stoa, a prytaneum, churches, the bishop’s palace, and an exceptionally large baptistery have been excavated.

I never visited the site, but my friend Lauren did; she also took the photos, which you can see here. It makes me looking forward to a trip to Albania too. And if Lauren’s photos are not enough for you, here’s the splendid official website.

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