New Online Journals

Maybe these French journals were already available online for some time, but I learned about it today:

And there’s a lot more (but unrelated to ancient history) here. This is really something to be very, very happy about.

One Response to New Online Journals

  1. Bill Thayer says:

    That is good news, and thanx Jona! The Mélanges alone have 67 links waiting for them in my Platner (more formally, Platner & Ashby’s Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome); one of the wonderful things about the Web is the ease with which citations can be linked — as long as they’re online! The hash of citations that accompanies so many scholarly articles, e.g. “Richter, Hermes 1884, 322‑324; Top. 121‑130; BRT II.23‑31; Jord. I.2.8‑101; Gilb. II.416‑423, 434‑448; III.382‑398; Rodocanachi, Le Capitole romain, 27‑40; Hülsen, Festschrift für H. Kiepert 209‑222; RE III.1531‑1538; X.1135‑1137; Rosch. II.705‑720; LR 298‑301; ZA 22‑28; ASA 12, 13” is just a hash of useless alphanumeric characters without the links.

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