Emporiae (Spain)

House of the Peristyle

House of the Peristyle

The excavation of Emporiae is one of the most splendid sites one can visit in Spain/Catalonia. There are actually two towns: the Greek one (satellite photo) that dates back to the Archaic age and a Roman one (satellite photo) that was founded in 195 BC by Marcus Porcius Cato on the site of an earlier, Iberian settlement. I already had a page online, but because I am moving several pages (explanation), I updated it, added some text, inserted additional links, and made a second page, expanding the number of photos from fourteen to forty-one. The first page is here.

Finally, I have a question that one of the readers of this little blog may be able to answer: is this fish really a mosaic from Emporiae? Something tells me that I’ve seen it somewhere else.

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