A glut of Tacitus

I’ve now delivered on my threat of some time back: Tacitus’ Annals are now online on LacusCurtius. Just in English translation, although a more recent translation than the Church and Brodribb seen in a few copies elsewhere on the Web.

By something like 90% coincidence, my friend Susan Rhoads has just completed, if with my own fingers in the pie in some minor respects, putting online Tacitus’ Agricola and Germania, also just in English. There was, that I know of, no English translation of the Agricola anywhere online.

2 Responses to A glut of Tacitus

  1. ibhahn says:

    (unless I misunderstand you) Actually, there is, both Agricola and Germania:


    (complete Church and Brodribb Tacitus)

  2. Bill Thayer says:

    So there is, thank you Irene; I misspoke. Post edited.

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