Roman Music

A flutist (Kerylos Villa, Beaulieu-sur-Mer)

A flutist (Kerylos Villa, Beaulieu-sur-Mer)

Today, the post brought me a nice CD, called Pugnate, with Roman music as it might have sounded during gladiatorial contests. It was made by Musica Romana. This German ensemble consists of eight archaeologists, historians, musicians and interested technicians who try to reconstruct ancient music. They do their own research, build their own instruments, and of course play music.

I am afraid that my knowledge of any music prior to, say, the Beatles, is too limited to have a right to say something about the quality of their reconstructions. What I do know, is that I found the little booklet included with the CD very interesting, and that the music is fascinating. I have been playing it the entire afternoon, and that is longer than any other reconstruction I have tried to listen to: this was the first one that I found actually pleasant.

You can judge for yourself on this website, and you can order the CD here.

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