The Awan King List & other things

The Awan King List

The Awan King List

As the regular reader of this little blog will have noticed, I am currently occupied with all kinds of things related to the ancient city of Susa. It is almost finished.

Today, one photo of a well-preserved cuneiform tablet in the Louvre, which records the name of two times twelve rulers of Elamite princedoms, Awan and Simaški, who ruled in the last third of the third millennium. The text was written in the second quarter of the second millennium, by someone who will have been as puzzled by those names as we are: who was king Šušuntarana? what kind of man was Tan-Ruhurater? what happened to the dynasty after the reign of Puzur-Inšušinak?

There’s more here, but don’t expect too much; however, the real pages on Susa are worth waiting for. And BTW, I have moved the page on Kangavar to this place.

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