Moving Livius.Org (6)

The Nepi aqueduct

The Nepi aqueduct

As I already announced, I am moving several pages of my website. Today, several towns in Italy -all very small pages- received new locations. In the first place, the Aeolian Islands and Mount Eryx, which means that now everything Sicilian is now more or less where it’s supposed to be for the next year. In southern Etruria, Nepete, Sutrium, and Clusium. Finally, in Latium Fidenae and Aricia. And outside Italy: four Roman milestones from The Hague. Don’t expect too much of it. As I said: very small articles.

Still 228 pages to go…

3 Responses to Moving Livius.Org (6)

  1. Bill Thayer says:

    “for the next year” — So many people out there have links to you, including me naturally, that I sincerely hope you’re going to set up a permanent redirect system when you switch over to your next site architecture!

  2. ibhahn says:

    How do I set up the re-direct?

  3. Bill Thayer says:

    You have a bit of reading in front of you, Jona; they don’t make it easy. The key thing is to set up an “.htaccess” file; and within it, to use Perl-style GREPs, that can be made to describe large groups of pages with seemingly unrelated names, then perform the desired action on them (in your case, most of them would be simple redirects).

    The GREP for “ . .”, for example, is easy:[a-z])/(.+) — then you tell the .htaccess file what to do with them.

    I can probably help you do it, or even do the whole thing for you, when the time comes.

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