Gn. Domitius Corbulo

Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo (7? – 67) was a Roman general, who is best known from Tacitus’ Annals. The historian greatly admires the man, who was indeed a capable commander – but not without faults. As general of the army of Germania Inferior, he defeated the Frisians, but was recalled by Claudius, who did not want to get involved in a full-scale war in Germania before the war in Britain was not over. After this, Corbulo reorganized the frontier zone: his men dug the Canal of Corbulo, which is still in use, and erected several castella and the first watchtowers along the limes.

During the reign of Claudius’ successor Nero, Corbulo was commander of armies in Cappadocia and Syria, and conducted several campaigns against the Parthian Empire, which were neither unsuccessful nor the big victories that Nero claimed they had been. In 67, Nero ordered Corbulo to commit suicide. (The bust is in the Louvre.)


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