Last days of Silchester

Silchester! Let’s face it: there’s something seriously wrong with a schoolboy when he has read Rosemary Sutcliff‘s The Eagle of the Ninth and did not develop (a) a life-long love for everything Roman and (b) a longing to visit Silchester. Those of us who have not yet been able to visit the remains of the ancient Roman city, will be delighted with the century old article from the English Historical Review on the Last Days of Silchester that is now online at LacusCurtius. The eagle is mentioned in footnote 6.

Also available: an even older article with English Topographical Notes; two lists of brief entries, beginning with B and L, to the online edition of Plattner’s Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome; and again two discourses by Dio of Prusa, to wit 9 (the “Isthmian Oration”) and 73 (On Trust).


One Response to Last days of Silchester

  1. There may also something seriously wrong with a schoolboy (or schoolgirl)who, having read Rosemary Sutcliff’s fine novel The Eagle of The Ninth, does not develp c) a life-long passion for Rosemary Sutcliff’s books. If they had, they might find interesting as well as your blog and website which I have only recently re-discovered.

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