Leptis Magna: the Hadrianic Baths

Photo Marco Prins

The Hadrianic Baths

The Hadrianic Baths are often regarded as the most splendid monument of Leptis Magna. They were finished in 137, seventeen years after the necessary aquaduct had been completed. I have now put online the photos my friend Marco made in May 2006 and some of the photos I made in January 2008, while it was raining cats and dogs – now here was finally an ancient bathhouse, we said, that offered the visitors a shower. You will also find photos from several statues that were excavated in the Hadrianic Baths, and can now be seen in the National Archaeological Museum of Tripoli.

Meanwhile, LacusCurtius‘ Bill Thayer has put online several bits and pieces: from Platner & Ashby, A Topography of Ancient Rome the articles on the Temple of Hercules Invictus, compita, lacus, an awful lot of lemmata beginning with an H, and -from Dio of Prusa– the Greek text of Discourse 54.


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