Dio Chrysostom, Corupedium, and the Septimii

LacusCurtius‘ Bill Thayer continues with the discourses of Dio Chrysostom; he has now put online oration 17 (On covetousness), 64 (On fortune, a.k.a. 63), 75 (On law), 76 (On custom), and a dialog 77-78 (On envy).

Meanwhile, I used the first day of the year to write a piece on the battle of Corupedium, in which Seleucus Nicator overcame Lysimachus, and I made an article on the ancestors of Septimius Severus, who are known from several inscriptions from Lepcis Magna. Most of them are now also online, although three inscriptions still need a translation. Speaking of Severus, today’s photo is a bust of the African emperor, which can be seen in the National Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki – a delightful place with a great collection.


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