Pompeian Frescoes

bird.jpgOver the past years, the archaeological authorities of Pompeii/Naples have organized several expositions in other museums. I remember a nice exhibition on Herculaneum in the Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis in Brussels, a similar exposition -with different objects- in the Valkhof Museum in Nijmegen, and recently visited “Luxus und Dekadenz” in Haltern (which I found rather disappointing). It will soon move to Bremen. Now, it’s the turn of the Italian capital: several frescoes from Pompeii are exposed in Rome’s Museo Nazionale, which is located in several buildings near Stazione Termini. Several photo’s can be seen on the website of the BBC.


One Response to Pompeian Frescoes

  1. jpvdgiessen says:

    It should be interesting to know what kind of bird this is. According the BBC site “This species of wader was a familiar sight to the family which lived in the House of the Golden Bracelet”, but according me it looks very similar to the “Aquila heliaca”

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