A Jar of Ptolemy IV Philopator

Jar of Ptolemy IV

Jar of Ptolemy IV

This fine jar, made of fayence, can be seen in the Württembergisches Landesmuseum in Stuttgart, Germany. It shows a small female figure, pooring out a libation on an altar. The inscription mentions that this jar was from the palace of the Ptolemaic king Ptolemy IV Philopator, ruler of the ancient kingdom along the Nile from 222 to 204.


basileôs Ptolemaiou Philopatoros
property of king Ptolemy IV Philopator

Because the king has been identified by this inscription, we can also identify the female figure. She must be queen Arsinoe. The precious object must have been made in Alexandria and shows us something of the immense wealth and luxury of the members of the House of Ptolemy.


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